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[Sticky] Guidelines for classifieds

Ankur Kaul
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Please note the following points about buying and selling items here.  These guidelines/rules should help make transactions easy for everyone.

  • Always post a detailed description of the item, including links to the product page from the manufacturer (if any).


  • It is a MUST that you post at least one very recent photo of the item in your hand, so that people may see the actual condition of the item.  This is applicable even if the item is brand new, there could have been issues in shipping/handling of the item when it was procured. It is obvious that this is in the best interests of the seller, as much as it is useful to any buyers. The exception is for stores, who may post links to pictures of items on their web stores or upload generic marketing material.


  • If you are a seller, always POST an asking price. Only you know what you are looking for (or what you will settle for), why make people guess what is in your mind ? NOTE THAT ADS WITHOUT AN ASKING PRICE WILL BE DELETED. Note that this is the price the item will be sold at, and no bidding / auction is allowed. The item should be sold to the first person who accepts to buy the item at the said price. The only exception is for ESTABLISHED store owners with a proper website, who may only link to the item on their website, and the price should be clearly mentioned there.


  • After a transaction is over, please request the mods or admins lock the thread.  People need to know which offers are still active.


  • Please over communicate the condition of the item for sale.  We would expect the seller to clarify the condition of the item (including any short-comings, missing parts) in the "For Sale" post itself, without waiting for the buyer to specifically ask for details.  This is in the true spirit of the hobby.  Guess it goes with the old saying "do not wish for others, something that you do not wish for yourself" !


  • Note that any transaction using the forum is ultimately between two individuals, and the 3D Printing India forum or its members have no responsibility over such transactions.  The seller is urged to describe the article and the condition of the article in as much details as possible, with pictures and videos if possible.  The buyer is urged to confirm the condition of the item, and any questions and clarifications should be made directly with the seller prior to purchase.  Finally use the trader rating system to leave feedback, so that a history be built for each buyer/seller.


  • Please do NOT "bump" (that is, posting something in the thread so that it shows up in the "Recent" lists) too frequently.  If you must, please bump your sales threads after a week.  The logic is quite simple... if everyone who has an item for sale starts bumping everyday, the forum would be flooded with these bogus posts (which do not serve much of a purpose anyways).


  • Sales of items totally unrelated to 3D Printing are strictly prohibited. No exceptions to this rule.