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[Sticky] Forum Usage Rules & Tips

Ankur Kaul
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For the benefit of new users, here are some tips and tricks on using this forum.


  • NOTICE TO BEGINNERS :  Please use "Search" with different key words before asking questions on any topic.  Many/most common topics may have already been discussed, and further discussion would only cause duplication of information.


  • While attaching photos, please restrict them to the needed information only.  Please avoid posting pictures that are too similar to each other, as hosting them longer term takes up valuable forum storage space.


  • If you want to get email notification when new topics are posted in any board, use the " Subscribe for new topics" on the top left side while viewing that board.


  • If you want to post Youtube videos, just paste the normal Youtube link, the forum will automatically do the embedding.


  • Avoid using capital letters too much as it is considered "shouting" on online etiquette. More over, it makes paragraphs much tougher to read.


  • Do not "Quote" previous posts unnecessarily, as it is plain duplication... use the "Reply" option instead. Also, if you are trying to answer a specific point from a previous post, quote just one or two relevant lines only from the previous post.


  • Do not change the font size, style (like bold, underline etc) or color unnecessarily.  You can change this sparingly to highlight something if absolutely necessary, otherwise post in simple text to help maintain the uniform look and feel of the forum.


  • Please refrain from using SMS language/shortcuts on the forum.  Take a few seconds more and write in full sentences... that makes the matter easily readable to everyone. Everyone is interested in READING what you have to say, but NO one is interested in GUESSING what you have to say !


  • This IS a forum with English as the primary language of communication.  There is nothing wrong with having a limited amount of quotes/sentences here and there which are in other languages, it is quite understandable.  But having entire posts/threads in NON English repeatedly is not something that goes well with the varied nature of the audience of this forum... hence such activity will be discouraged using appropriate means.


  • All members are expected to treat others with mutual respect.  Do not take others for granted, even if you feel they are friendly enough, and post anything that may be insulting or hurtful to others, even for fun.  When in doubt, consult with the person whom you may be commenting on before posting something that you see as funny, but may not be the understood the same way by the other party.


  • Do not post the same thing in multiple threads.  As people read the forum mostly using "Recent posts" or "Unread Posts", they will see your post regardless of which thread it is in.  Posting the same information in multiple threads IS just unnecessary (and annoying) duplication.


  • Do not post topics with confusing/general names such as "Help" or "Help needed" or "For Sale" or "Wanted".  Put a meaningful topic name.  We will delete your topic and ask you to repost otherwise.  This is needed for readability of the forum.


  • Since spammers put non 3D printing related sites in their signatures, we are adopting a strict policy of NOT allowing any non 3D printing related web links in member signatures.  Please do not put any non 3D printing or non personal profile related URLs in your signatures.


  • Creating multiple accounts on the forum will cause all such accounts to be deleted/banned. The only exception is for store owners who wish to maintain separate accounts for personal and professional/store use.


  • Please be careful about the spelling of subject/heading of new topics (i.e. "topic names") when you start new threads.  Since the subject is used to create the URL (web link), any spelling mistake will cause the link to be ranked lowed in search engine rankings (like on Google and Bing), and also in local searches on this website itself .  This will prevent others from reaching the topic you started, when they start looking for the useful information you have already posted.


  • You can mention a person using @nicename in post content to send that person an email message. When you post a topic or reply, forum sends an email message to the user letting them know that they have been mentioned on the post.