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Ankur Kaul
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This forum was started to provide an avenue for Indian 3D Printing enthusiasts to discuss their beloved hobby.  There are other existing social media platform groups, but they tend to limit the posted content, because of commercial interests.  This site is intended to help Indian 3D Printing hobbyists exchange information freely.  There is absolutely no restriction on the usage of this site by any one, especially for posting and discussing commercial offers.

This forum is an effort to unite all Indian 3D Printing enthusiasts on a common platform and help foster a community and spirit of  camaraderie. 

Here are some general notes/rules about this forum.

  • This forum is a personal effort by myself (My name is Ankur, and I dwelve in various hobbies including 3D Printing). More about my projects at my webpage.


  • I am not associated with any commercial entity (which includes all 3D printing hobby shops and manufacturers or marketers).


  • While it is allowed for anyone to post reviews and comments on the models products they have experience with (including strengths and weaknesses of each product), we will not use this forum to intentionally malign any particular product or brand or seller.


  • If posts are placed under the wrong categories or boards, they will be moved to the right locations by the administrators.


  • As the user community builds up, more administrators will be added to the forum.


  •  If you feel the need for a new board to discuss a particular product/topic, please let us know, and we will create a new category and/or board for the same.


  • Our contact email address is listed in the footer on the left side.  In order to limit spam mails, it is setup as an image that cannot be clicked.